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Monday, April 17, 2017


Samsonite suitcase | Kate Spade wallet | Bose headphones | Jackery portable charger | iDOO computer case | S'well water bottle | Celebrate Shop coloring book | Apple iPad case | Eagle Creek packing cubes | North Face backpack | Forever21 makeup bag

Well folks, the clock is officially ticking on my time here in Ireland. Although I am coming back to Europe this summer for a shorter program (it was cheaper for me to go home and come back oddly enough), I'm beginning to wonder how on earth I'm going to get all my stuff home. For some reason it's always easier to pack when you're going somewhere rather than when you're returning... But, since I've got my second trans-Atlantic flight coming up, I wanted to share what I keep with me on the flight!

I really push the carry-on bag size limits, taking a rolling carry-on and then using my backpack as my personal item. My backpack is arguably larger than the rolling carry-on when I really stuff it, but as long as they let me on board, whatever.

I always keep all of my electronics with me, no matter what. I have a paranoid fear of my camera getting broken or my luggage being lost with my computer in it, so all electronics stay with me at all times. I also like to keep my makeup with me because it could get crushed and if it gets lost I have to go bare-faced for a few days.

For my semester abroad, I had to bring all of the medication I would need for the entirety of my time here, so my medicine took up a lot of the space in my carry-on when I was coming here. I'm hoping (needing) it to take up less space on the way home since I know I won't want to wear some of my heavier clothing items that add weight to my already heavy checked luggage.

I also brought an extra change of clothes and kept it stored away in one of these packing cubes. I had never used packing cubes before my semester abroad, but now I'll never go back. They keep my clothes and other items organized, separated, and force me to not just crumple things up and hope they fit. Of course, any toiletries that I would need to make it through one day, like contacts, a toothbrush, small shampoo and conditioner, etc.

What do y'all bring in your carry-on(s)? I'm also thinking about doing a packing post for my big checked bags, so let me know if you want to see that!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Guys, I'm in denial.

My time here in Ireland is winding down faster than I can order a Guinness and I don't know what to do about it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


If there's one country in this world that I never expected to like, much less love, it's Northern Ireland. 

But, as I'm beginning to learn about this entire study abroad experience, being wrong isn't always the worst thing.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


The final day of my weekend trip to Munich was perhaps the most challenging, but also the most important, in my opinion.

We went to Dachau.